Covid Care - Ranng Kitchen Initiative

Ranng Kitchen.
"The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention" - Oscar Wilde.

In this hard time, It's okay if you are starting to feel the hopelessness, We all are in this together. Take a moment to remind yourself that this pandemic will come to an end one day, and find the courage to empower yourself to get through this situation as best as you can.

 We, Vandna’s Akarshan & Ranng by Vandna, being renowned in the fashion business since 1994, now with a motive to reach out our valuable support to humanity, we have decided to share food with care. Thus, in this current scenario, we outline our hands of support by starting our new venture, Ranng Kitchen.

Through this initiative, we deliver homemade meals for covid affected families thereby making sure they recover soon, and we share the contribution from this wholly to support the livelihood of tailors and other workers who are working with us. We find our service as a great relief for society in this time of crisis. 100% hygiene, tasty, homemade meals being delivered to the doorstep make us reliable for our customers.

Ranng Kitchen feels so happy as we receive many wonderful compliments from our customers, it makes us hear and realize the voice of a big community in need of our service and that keeps on motivating us to do our best in serving humanity. Thus, it would be helpful and encouraging for us that if you can share our details with your family and relatives, to make this service accessible to more people. Grand intentions won’t get us anywhere. Rather, we need to commit to countless small acts and the determination to get things done, together. Let's help together.